HDPE drainage

HDPE drainage

The Marley Akatherm HDPE drainage range is certified to BS EN 1519: 2000 (licence number KM 545820)

An extension of the Marley soil & waste portfolio, the HDPE range offers an alternative solution to cast iron.

It is particularly suited for commercial applications or where a product with high impact or abrasion resistance is required, such as hospitals, hotels, schools, as well as residential buildings. HDPE will also cope with temperature variations of -40°C to 100°C making it ideal for external as well as internal installations.

The combination of the excellent material properties of HDPE with homogenous welded joints provides greater installation flexibility with a wide range of jointing options. 

The various connection methods include electrofusion, butt welding and push fit expansion sockets, depending upon the particular project requirements.  This ensures a quick, clean, reliable and cost effective installation compared to cast iron in particular. 

Furthermore, the lightweight construction of the HDPE system results in additional cost savings in transport and handling.

The range covers an extensive package of pipes and fittings in the diameters 40 mm - 315 mm, with a wide range of complementary fittings.