Marley awarded Best Plumbing or Drainage system or Product from BuildIt for Foundry Finish Rainwater System

Marley Plumbing and Drainage are pleased to have been awarded the Best Plumbing or Drainage system or Product from BuildIt for our Foundry Finish Rainwater System.

The Foundry Finish Rainwater System is a PVC-u gutter system, designed to mimic the aesthetics of cast-iron. Available in a 112mm half-round and 125mm semi-elliptical profile, the rainwater system offers a flow rate of 2.6 l/s and 4.9 l/s respectively, making it ideal for installation on both houses and apartments. Manufactured as a complete system, including matching gutter, downpipe and brackets, Foundry Finish is also designed with various features to help speed up the installation process.

On any self-build project, budgets will likely be tight, with self-builders often looking for ways that they can save money while still achieving a high-quality finish. The recent introduction of the Foundry Finish system to the Marley rainwater range has provided self-builders with a number of both functional and aesthetic benefits, helping them to protect their new home from damaging rainwater and create a visually appealing exterior, with added character.

Designed to offer the look and feel of cast-iron, Foundry Finish is a great way to achieve the high-end and classical aesthetic that cast-iron offers, but at a far more affordable price. It’s a great alternative for those looking to add some character or charm to a new-build home, with cast-iron gutters and downpipes being primarily associated with properties from the Victorian period.

In addition to the cost savings when compared to its cast-iron alternative, Foundry Finish is also lighter – being manufactured from PVCu – making it easier to install, as well as being easy to maintain, without the risk of corrosion or rust.  

Recognising the aesthetic impact that a rainwater system can deliver, being used by self-builders to help enhance the overall style of their new home and tie together the exterior elements, the Foundry Finish system is also available - upon request - in any colour. This bespoke painting service provides self-builders with an opportunity to create something truly unique to their home and transform their rainwater system into a truly stand-out feature.

Of course, while a rainwater system’s aesthetic value cannot be disputed, its primary purpose is to redirect water away from a structure. With an excellent flow rate of up to 4.9 l/s, making it suitable for both houses and apartments, Foundry Finish provides self-builders with the reassurance their prized new home will be protected from water damage.

What’s more, Foundry Finish is also quick and easy to install – perfect for those self-builders who are keen to get stuck in and do some of the building work themselves. Lightweight and easy to handle, the range is manufactured with integral pivoted clips, allowing for speedy ‘clip lock’ assembly, as well as ‘insert to here’ marks, helping to ensure it is installed correctly and allows for thermal movement in changing weather conditions.

For self-builders looking to bring some character to their new home, Marley’s Foundry Finish rainwater system is perhaps the ideal solution, offering all the classic charm of cast-iron but at a more affordable price, as well as being lightweight and easy to install and maintain. The bespoke painting service enhances this aesthetic value, while the system’s flow rate and durability demonstrates its performance from a functional perspective. For full details on the system, look at the Half Round system or 125 system product pages.