Marley seeks feedback from industry’s specifiers and installers with new survey

Marley Plumbing & Drainage is seeking the opinion of specifiers and installers through a new customer research survey, in order to enhance the products and services it provides.

The expert in plastic plumbing and drainage systems has created the survey in order to further understand the needs and preferences of its customers, and to ensure that Marley continues to provide the best service, valued advice and high-quality products.

The feedback Marley receives will be used in the development of future product ranges, to help improve services and shape the way it communicates with the industry’s specifiers and installers.

Samantha Park, Marketing Manager at Marley said: “As one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, hosting a survey to receive feedback from the people who know this industry and our products the best is the most effective way of ensuring that our reputation is maintained. We want to have a clear understanding of what our customers like, what they look for and how they think we can improve, so that we can continue to develop our products and services for the ever-changing construction industry.”

Questions in the survey will feature around specifier and installer’s opinions on the service and products currently offered by Marley, their preferences around the specification process, working relationships and buying chains, and how they like to receive information.

Complete the survey here.

Marley Plumbing & Drainage is part of the Aliaxis Group, supplying plumbers, technicians and installers worldwide with high quality, efficient solutions to help projects progress quickly and easily. Marley also has its own technical support team, providing guidance throughout the design, fabrication and installation process.