Rainwater systems that stay looking better for longer

We're all affected by the steady advance of time. Years of exposure affects how everything looks. Marley Plumbing & Drainage have advanced the manufacturing process to create Life4. Life4 rainwater systems can withstand exposure for up to four times longer than standard PVCU rainwater gutters and downpipes.

Looks better...

Life4 gutters and downpipes have high gloss levels that are consistent with the fittings, improving the overall aesthetic of the system. The gloss level is typically 85% compared to a norm of 40 - 50% on standard systems.

...for longer

Not only do Life4 products look better, they last longer. Life4 products have been exposed to up to four times the European weathering test duration and performed admirably

  • Superior colour retention levels, up to 4 times longer than standard PVCu
  • High gloss levels
  • Unique Easyclip - making jointing simple and reliable
  • Suitable for 'notch' jointing
  • Available in 3 profiles, half round, semi-elliptical & square with square & circular downpipes

The video below shows the co-extrusion process, that gives Life4 its high gloss finish: 

Co-extrusion process

Life4 research

Extensive research and development into material technologies has been carried out, the results include five years of performance data. This is based on natural weathering tests on similar capping materials used across the World in New Zealand, South of France and North Australia.

The benchmark for weathering tests for rainwater systems is set out within European standards*. The weathering test essentially mimics actual conditions, but also accelerates them in order that long term performance may be assessed. This artificial ageing type test consists of 1600 hours of exposure to high intensity UV lighting with specified levels of irradiation and condensation, which is designed to emulate approximately 3 years of natural weatheri

Life4 has been tested to three times the length of the standard BS607:2004 accelerated weathering test. Life4 satisfied the pass criteria.

In order to demonstrate the enhanced performance of Life4, products were exacted to three times the standard test duration or 4800 hours. Measurements taken after the extended test showed that the extent of colour fade was still well below that permitted in the European Standard after 1600 hours. The results can be seen below.

Brown PVCu sample after 1600 hours under artificial ageing test

Brown Life4 sample after 4800 hours under artificial ageing test