Marley Rainwater Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question on our Rainwater range? Need to know how to control expansion and contraction or if we offer special angles? Our Technical team have come up with a list of frequently asked questions to help.

If we haven't answered your question then please call us on 01622 852695 where one of our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you.

Can I fit gutters level?

They can be fitted level or to a fall of 1/600 (1mm in 600mm)

At what centres do I fit fascia brackets?

Fascia bracket centres must not exceed 1m maximum centres. Fit an extra fascia bracket 150mm one side of any union, running outlet or stop end.  Angles must have a facia bracket fitted both sides within 150mm. Click here for further information on installing rainwater systems in areas of excessive snow fall.  Click here for full installation information.

How do I control expansion and contraction?

Fit gutter to insertion mark on fitting and fix fitting to fascia board, following installation instructions. Deepflow, Deepflow150, Clip-master and Flowline can also be fitted using the notch-jointing technique with a notch adaptor.  Click here for step-by-step installation instructions.

What screws do I use to secure the fascia bracket to the fascia board, in order to fit gutter?

When fixing to cellular fascia boards the two outer-most fixing holes must be used and 1¼” x 10g (32 x 5mm) pan or round head non-ferrous screws should be used.  The use of countersunk screws is not recommended.

How should gutters be installed?

Gutters should be fitted as high as possible to the roof edge and fascia brackets should be set out with aid of a string line and level. Click here for full rainwater installation information.

How should the eaves edge be finished?

The roof tile over hang should be no greater than 50mm. Where over fascia vents are used, a spacer height adjuster (RGS1) should be fitted behind each fascia bracket.

Do you make special gutter angles?

Yes, special gutter angles can be made to order.  Please contact our Customer Services department on 01622 852585, stating the angle required.  Delivery time is usually 3-4 weeks.

Can I interchange your gutter system with a competitors product?

Clip-Master 112mm nominal half round gutter system will interchange with most PVCu gutters

How can I connect half round cast iron gutters to your plastic half round systems?

To connect half-round PVCu to cast iron gutters, use the RGA1R gutter adaptor.

What sizes are your rainwater downpipes?

Our downpipes are available in 68mm and 82mm circular, and 65mm square outside diameters

Can I fit your 68mm rainwater downpipes to 2½" cast iron?

Yes, 68mm pipe spigot usually fits into cast iron sockets, with the use of silicone sealant.

Will your rainwater downpipes interchange with a competitors product?

Usually yes, but they must have an outside diameter of 68mm

Do I need to fit a gully at the base of rainwater pipe?

Yes, if it's a combined sewer system

How do I connect a waste pipe to gully?

Use individual sized boss connectors as illustrated in the soil catalogue or take rainwater pipe below grating.

Do you carry spares for your old gutter systems?

Some items are available on request from our Customer Services department, call 01622 852585 for further information.  To connect half-round 100mm to 110mm PVCu gutters or PVCu to cast iron gutters, use the RGA1R gutter adaptor.

At what centres should I fix your rainwater downpipes?

At a maximum of 1.8m centres, using pipe clips on the downpipe barrel.  Remember to always support the socket on the end of the pipe using a socket pipe clip. 

What maintenance is required for gutters and rainwater downpipes?

PVCu is a good corrosion resistant material and only requires an occasional wash with soapy water.  Remove debris from the gutters and downpipes to ensure smooth flow and repair any defects immediately.

What guarantee do you give?

All products are manufactured to existing British or European standards.