Why choose a fabricated system?

There are many reasons to choose the Marley HDPE system: It’s lightweight, robust, easy to manoeuvre on site, has a choice of jointing methods, and is the only system in the UK to be certified with a British Standard kitemark. The choice of whether to purchase loose items or a fabricated system may require further consideration:

Saves time - Building pipe systems requires time; time to measure, make cuts, joints and to complete testing. Using a fabricated system cuts down time on site considerably. 

Saves money - Make the best use of the skilled labour on site by focussing their expertise in other areas and use our experts to make the systems for you. Using fabricated systems saves time, saving money. 

Saves storage - Marley fabrications are made off site, saving storage space on site which is at a premium in urban locations. 

Saves waste - Drainage systems designed and made accurately by us minimises offcuts and waste on your site.

Expertise - Expertise in products. Expertise in drainage designs. Expertise in fabrication. Marley are a great addition to your team. 

Simplification - The fabricated sections are joined to the pipework with fast and simple connections. Complex design decisions are made earlier in the project with our dedicated fabrication design team. 

Quality, assured - Tailor-made to your exact requirements by a team of skilled fabricators in a controlled environment, with air pressure testing as standard. 

Delivery when you need it - Fabrications are delivered to a pre-arranged schedule, ensuring they’ll be available when you’re ready for them on site.


See how all this was put into action on one of our first HDPE fabrication projects, Dollar Bay, Canary Wharf.