Have a question on our Sanitary range? Need to know if you need a single or dual flush or want to know what our smallest concealed cistern is? Our Technical team have come up with a list of frequently asked questions to help.

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Do you offer a bottom entry concealed cistern?

Yes, the TRC1821 is a bottom entry concealed cistern. We also do a side entry concealed cistern (TRC1820).

What is the smallest concealed cistern you do and what are the dimensions?

The smallest concealed cistern we do is the TRC1830 cistern and the dimensions are 405mm wide, 330mm Height, 142mm Deep.

I fitted the dual Multiflush valve, and its not working properly?

1. Fill the cistern with water to the level indicated on the cistern.

2. Ensure the distance from the water level to the bottom of the blue slider is 120mm (for a cistern 500 x 317 x 160mm)

3. Twist to adjust overflow, ensuring the base of the blue ring is level with the static waterline.

Do I need to fit a separate overflow with the Multiflush valve?

No, the Multiflush valve has an internal overflow.

Do you manufacture a 2” flush pipe nut for the 2” Multiflush Dual Flush Valve?

No - The 2” Multiflush valve is for close coupled toilet suites and close-coupled European pans only which do not require a flush pipe.

Do all Multikwik cisterns fit all flush plates?

The Atlas and Telesto flush plates are compatible with the TRM1120 and TRM1121 only All other flush plates are compatible with all our cisterns.

The Proteus cistern is compatible with the MFVB6B flush button only.

For further assistance please contact our Technical Service Department on 01622 852695.