Have a question on our Soil range? Need to know if you can paint our system or what bend you need to use? Our Technical team have come up with a list of frequently asked questions to help.

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Frequently Asked Soil Questions

Can an Air Admittance Valve be fitted externally?


The Building Regulations Approved Document H1, does not allow an Air Admittance Valve to be fitted outside of a building or in a dust laden atmosphere.


What height can I fit an AAV?

110mm version SVD4 has to be fitted to the flood over level of the highest appliance i.e. above the front edge of was hand basin or top of kitchen sink. Can be fitted in a ventilated duct or roof space SVD3 can be fitted lower as stated in BBA Cert

How do I connect Polypropylene waste pipes together?

Push fit ring seal or compression fittings. Polypropylene can not be solvent welded

What temperature of water can I continually discharge through soil and waste pipes?

Although they are tested at 93.0 to 95.0ºc {British Standard test} this is an intermitted hot and cold cycle test. For a continuous discharge, water should be no hotter than 70 to 75ºC. Higher temperature water will not cause problems as long as it is restricted to 2 minutes discharge.

Can I connect Marley’s 110mm &160mm soil and waste pipes to a competitor product?

Yes. As long as the soil pipes are manufactured to [BS4514] BSEN1329 PVC or ABS waste pipes can be interchanged as long as they are manufactured to [BS5255]- BSEN1329-BSEN1455 Polypropylene pipes can be interchanged as long as they are manufactured to [BS5254]-BSEN1451

Can I connect MUPVC -ABS solvent weld waste pipes to Polypropylene?

Yes Use compression multifit fittings, similar to those on our trap outlet

Can I paint PVC soil pipes?

Yes degrease and apply any water based gloss paint, Apply 2 coats, first coat can be thinned.

What fall can I fit waste pipes?

18mm per 1 metre minimum gradient

What clipping distances do I use for 110mm soil pipes?

Vertical pipe sockets should be anchored with socket clip and a barrel clips fitted at 1.8 metres centres maximum Horizontal runs should be anchored at sockets and barrel clips at 1.000 centres

What bend should I fit at the base of a 110mm soil stack?

A long radius underground drainage bend or 2 x 45º bends Minimum radius 200mm

What diameter pipe do I use to connect the following: Sink, Bath, Basin or Shower Connection?

Sink: 40mm 1½ Bath: 40mm 1½ Basin: 32mm 1¼ Shower Connection: 40mm 1½ These are nominal sizes used for reference only

What is the maximum length of waste pipe can I fit to: Sink, Bath, Basin or Shower?

Sink: No limit Bath: No limit Basin: 1.7metre for 32mm- 3metre for 40mm over 3 increase too 50mm 2 Shower: No limit All waste pipes should be fitted at gradient of 18mm per 1 metre minimum.

Can I fit ABS waste pipes externally?

Yes as long as they are painted

Can I fit Polypropylene waste pipes externally?

Yes as long as they are painted

Can I fit MUPVC waste pipe externally?

Yes no painting required

How do I connect waste pipes to a soil stack?

Use a separate multi-fit boss connector, boss branch or strap on boss for each size waste pipe.

Should l allow for expansion on soil pipes?

Yes push 3 metre pipes together into ring seal sockets, pull back 5 to 10mm and fit pipe clip around socket and barrel clip at 1.8 metre centres maximum

Should l allow expansion on waste pipes?

Yes, A expansion coupling should be fitted at every 1.8 metre centres