Have a question on our Underground range? Need to know how deep you can install a 450mm chamber or know how long PVC will last? Our Technical team have come up with a list of frequently asked questions to help.

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What is the gradient (fall) for 110mm pipes?

110mm 1:80 minimum 1 Wc 160mm 1: 150 minimum 5 WC

Can I fit a drain steeper?

Yes no maximum.

How deep can I fit a 450mm chamber?

1.2 metres [2 full risers and a third cut down] The base can be fitted deeper but within a traditional chamber construction 450mm inspection chambers can be fitted deeper up to approx 4.0metres but must have reduced access and use special heavy grade chamber base and risers, See underground catalogue for details.

What do I do if I have to use concrete?

Wrap pipe in polythene sheet and fit vertical expansion boards at couplings

Do rats attack plastic underground pipes?

No not especially they will sharpen their teeth on any material that is in the way

How long will PVC pipes last?

PVCu has good chemical resistance and if installed correctly should last the lifetime of building

How do I fit a waste pipe to a drain?

Use a gully with boss adaptors or take waste pipe below grating, use stub waste pipes

Do you have gully’s that have rodding facilities?

Yes we have gullies that give full rodding access or removable plug access all gullies have water seal

Will your underground pipes interchange with competitor products?

They are all manufactured to same British and European standard so should not have a problem

How do I connect to thin wall or old salt glaze drains?

Use UCA40 on 130mm new thin wall drains or UCA41 on older drains that measure 133/140mm

Do I bed the pipes and chambers in pea gravel?

Yes if the as-dug material is not suitable use 10mm nominal single size granular material

Do plastic drains block up, more than older type clay drains?

No if any thing less because they are manufactured in 6 metre lengths

What is the maximum depth I can fit PVC drains?

Down to a maximum depth of 10 metres dependent on loadings